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Which is all of you!

The first 15 minutes of this programme (Frontrow, BBC Radio 4, 14/11/16) is an interview about Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and their plans to make more prequels. Quite interesting.

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I thought I was doing really well to remember but looking at Grandma Kate's post, I think I must be a couple of days late. I hope you had a lovely day.
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This is really silly of me but I have had to stop reading Kazuro Isiguro's book "The Buried Giant" because of the mention of rabbits. Rabbits are not native to the UK and were introduced by the Normans (and I wish they hadn't) for hunting purposes. So a book about England in the Dark Ages (even a fantastical one) shouldn't have rabbits. I know this book has many elements of fantasy but I can take ogres but not rabbits. Yes I'm being unreasonable but the rabbits have stopped me reading the book.

Now I'll have to explain to the friend who gave me the book what my problem is and I think I might come across as a bit narrow-minded and intolerant.
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I am being very sneaky because I only remembered because St Margarets posted early. I have it bookmarked in my brain as the anniversary of the Battle of Culloden but that falls through because I have no reason to commemorate Culloden. I hope you had a lovely day.
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Have a lovely day.
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Best wishes for a lovely day.
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Happy birthday Mary. I hope you have a lovely day despite your in-law problems.
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As usual, I only know because other people posted so I'm probably late. I hope you had a great day.
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Name/LJ Name: TDU (and that’s Ms U.)

Favourite HP Character(s): Not really sure. Characterisation is one of the strengths of the books. JKR didn’t write people as being good or bad (despite some of the fandom interpreting them as such) and that makes them all interesting.
Favourite HP Book(s): I have to choose Prisoner of Azkaban, not particularly because of the story but because it was the one that showed how much she had thought through her world and that this was an ongoing story that had its origins in past events. Just as you can’t look at the origins of WW1 without looking at the Franco-Prussian War, you can’t look at Harry’s war without looking at the continuum o events that lead to the rise of Voldemort. Good stuff for a series of kids books.
Favourite HP Movies(s): They were mostly OK (except for OotP which was extremely disappointing for all sorts of reasons despite the new cast additions being so good). Otherwise they all have good points and bad. I probably enjoyed the Deathly Hallows films the most, right up to the bit when they met Neville and then is went downhill fast (return of the pink hoodie of doom).
Where were you when you read the last book?: At home or on the train. It is the only book that Sarah read faster than I did (her reading speed and concentration had increased rather than me getting slower) and she was really frustrated by not being allowed to talk to me about it.
Did you attend any midnight book sales or movie premieres? Did anything memorable happen at them?: It was 9:00am here so we did go and get the last three books at the launch time. It wasn't memorabe which i what you would expect of that time of day.
How did you get into the online fandom?:” I finished OotP and was starved for discussion. The first site I found was The Sugar Quill.” I’m quoting St Mags because that was the same for me.
Are you still active in HP fandom?: No. I never wrote so my contribution was to discussions. My interest in that ended with the publication of DH. I stil read anything St Margarets writes.
If so, what are your contributions to fandom? Anything exciting you want to tell us about?: Not applicable.

If you're not active in HP fandom, are you active in any other fandom(s)? If so, which?: None. No other books have quite caught my interest in the same way.
What do you miss most about HP fandom? The fun of it all (which did manage to outweigh the nastiness).
What was your most memorable experience?Probably getting a cryptic message on the Sugarquill from someone I had never talked to particularly (other than vaguely during a few general discussions). The message said, “It’s you, isn’t it?” (It wasn’t). Do you remember that Jo?

Do you still post on LJ? If not, how long has it been since you posted? I probably post as often as I ever did. Which is to say, not much.
Are you active on other fandom networking sites? No

Are you open to having new friends on LJ (Yes/No)? Yes but I can’t say it would be worth anyone’s while.
If not on LJ, on Twitter, Tumblr, etc? I am on Facebook and anyone who wants is welcome to befriend me there. I don’t post much on that either but I like seing other people’s posts.

Excited about the reunion? Please tell us. Gifs are welcome too! Not really. That’s why I haven’t joined in. Apart from some fanfiction written by friends, my interest in the HP fandom finished once I knew what happened in the end.

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As usual, I only realise it's someone's birthday after seeing someone elses's post. I hope you have a lovely day.
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